What To Expect At A Club Fitting

Your First Club Fitting: What to Expect

Are you ready to take your golf game to the next level? If you’re in the market for new clubs, a club fitting is a must. But if it’s your first time getting a club fitting, you may not know what to expect. Here’s a guide to help you understand what happens during a club fitting and what you can expect.

Assessment of Your Current Clubs

The first step in the club fitting process is to assess your current clubs. Your club fitter will ask you about your current clubs and your golf game, and they’ll examine your clubs to see if they’re the right length, weight, and lie angle for you. This information will be used to make recommendations for your new clubs.

Evaluation of Your Swing

Next, your club fitter will ask you to hit a few shots so they can evaluate your swing. This is where they’ll gather information about your swing speed, swing plane, and impact location. This information will be used to determine the right clubs for your body and swing.

Testing Different Clubs

Once your club fitter has evaluated your swing, they’ll ask you to try different clubs to see how they feel. This is where you’ll get a chance to try different shafts, heads, and lengths to see what works best for your swing. Your club fitter will also measure the ball flight and trajectory of each club to see which ones produce the best results.

Final Recommendations

After you’ve tested different clubs, your club fitter will make final recommendations based on the results of your fitting. They’ll take into account the data they’ve gathered and your personal preferences to recommend the right clubs for your body and swing.

Customization of Your Clubs

Finally, your club fitter will customize your clubs to your specifications. This may include adjusting the length, weight, and lie angle of your clubs, as well as installing custom shafts and grips.

Get A Club Fitting At Cheam Mountain Golf, Chilliwack

In conclusion, a club fitting is a valuable investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, a club fitting can help you find the right clubs for your body and swing. So if you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level, be sure to schedule a club fitting with a trusted club fitter today!


Book A Fitting Session

Driver Fitting – $100
60 minutes

Fairway Wood Fitting – $100 
60 minutes

Iron Fitting – $100
60 minutes

Full Bag Fitting – $150
2 hrs

Kevin Stinson

Club Fitter

Kevin Stinson Golf LessonsAs a PGA of Canada Pro, Kevin’s brings his vast knowledge of the golf swing and golf game to help you find the perfect club for your unique swing.  He is a certified club fitter and uses PGA Tour level Trackman launch monitor to help you dial in the optimal club/shaft combination for your swing. 

Whatever your handicap or skill level, getting fitted clubs will ensure your clubs are setup to get the most out of your swing.