Cheam Mountain Golf Course: Chilliwack’s Premier Par 3 Course

Fast, Friendly, and Fun Golf

If you’re searching for a unique golf experience in Chilliwack, BC, Cheam Mountain Golf Course has the answer. Our high-quality par 3 course offers fast, friendly, and fun rounds, welcoming golfers of all skill levels.

The Perfect Par 3 Experience

At Cheam Mountain Golf Course, our par 3 course is designed to be both approachable and challenging. It’s an ideal choice for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Fast Play

Time is precious, and we value yours. Our par 3 course encourages fast play, allowing you to enjoy a quick round of golf without consuming your entire day.

2. Friendly Atmosphere

At Cheam Mountain Golf Course, we pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive environment. Our staff and fellow golfers create a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

3. Endless Fun

Our par 3 course is designed for maximum enjoyment. With varying hole lengths and challenging greens, it’s a fantastic place to work on your short game, have a leisurely round, or introduce newcomers to the game of golf.

4. High-Quality Greens

While we offer a casual approach to golf, we never compromise on quality. The greens at Cheam Mountain Golf Course are meticulously maintained to ensure a top-notch golfing experience.

Bring Your A-Game or Learn the Ropes

Our par 3 course is perfect for experienced golfers looking to sharpen their skills and accuracy. For beginners, it’s an ideal spot to learn the game without the pressures of a full-length course.


Cheam Mountain Golf Course’s par 3 course in Chilliwack, BC, offers more than just golf; it’s an experience. Fast, friendly, and fun, it provides a casual and relaxed approach to golf without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable round with us. Discover the perfect balance of fun and quality golf at Cheam Mountain Golf Course.

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Cheam Mountain Golf Course is located in beautiful Chilliwack BC.  It's a friendly par 3 course that is great for all skill levels and fun for everyone.  Get in a quick round at the end of your day or start your weekend off right with a relaxing 18 holes.